As an avid gamer, I find immense satisfaction in working with developers to create an experience that lasts. The music and sound of a game can make or break it — moments and actions can be imbued with weight or fall flat. I understand the importance of this and aim to provide you with sounds and music that support your team's artistic vision. The gamer should not feel as though the game has been scored; they should feel as if all elements of the experience are parts of a whole.

As a programmer and digital artist, I understand the challenges and rewards faced by the other members of your team. These skills enable me to effectively communicate with you, whether that means understanding exactly how you're planning to implement audio or the mood you'd like for a certain track.

During my time pursuing this line of work, I've continued additional studies in music. I graduated top of my class with a B.M. in Composition from The Boston Conservatory in 2017. I'm also involved in co-running Chimera New Music, a Boston-based collective dedicated to premiering new works for the concert hall. In the near future, I plan to pursue a Master's in Music Technology, focusing on the creation of novel music-related software and hardware. For the next few years, I'll be living in New Haven, CT with my longtime girlfriend, Anna Ellsworth, as she attends Yale for an M.M. in Harp Performance.